COVID-19 Security Best Practices

2 min readMar 20, 2020


Computing & Entertainment device recommendations:
-Upgrade to a Modern Operating System and Keep it Up-To-Date.
-Exercise Secure User Habits.
-Leverage Security Software.
-Safeguard against Eavesdropping.
-Protect Passwords.
-Limit Use of the Administrator Account.
-Employ Firewall Capabilities.
-Implement WPA2 on the Wireless Network.
-Limit Administration to the Internal Network.

Online behavior recommendations:
-Follow Email Best Practices.
-Take Precautions on Social Networking Sites.
-Authentication Safeguards.
-Exercise Caution when Accessing Public Hotspots.
-Do Not Exchange Home and Work Content.
-Use Separate Devices for Different Activities.
-Upgrade to a Modern Browser and Keep it Up to Date.

Securing Wired Home Networks:
-Change default password on the Internet router.
-Ensure device cannot be administered from outside the home network.
-Configure the device to silently ignore unsolicited requests sent to it.
-Check for updates and apply them periodically.
-Disable built-in wireless access points (APs) that are not used.

Securing Wireless Home Networks:
-Use strong encryption to protect communications.
-Use a WPA2, WPA, or WEP key.
-Permit access for only particular wireless network cards.
-Change the default service set identifier (SSID).
-Disable SSID broadcasts from the wireless AP.
-Disable AP administration through wireless communications.

Securing BYOD Telework PCs:
-Software Updates.
-Use Accounts with Limited Privileges.
-Protect Accounts with Passwords.
-Protect User Sessions from Unauthorized Physical Access.
-Disable Unneeded Networking Features.
-Limit the Use of Remote Access Utilities.
-Install and Configure Antivirus Software.
-Use Personal Firewalls.
-Enable and Configure Content Filtering Software.
-Use a different brand of web browser for telework.
-Block popup windows.
-Enable phishing filter capabilities.
-Remove unneeded browser plug-ins.
-Protect sensitive information stored by the browser.
-Prevent website passwords from being recalled automatically.
-Run web browsers with the least privileges possible.
-Use third-party security and privacy enhancing plug-ins.

Securing BYOD Telework Mobile Devices:
-Limit access to the device.
-Disable necessary networking capabilities except when they are needed.
-Keep devices updated.
-Configure applications to support security.
-Download and run apps only from authorized app stores.
-Do not jailbreak or root the device.
-Do not connect the device to an unknown charging station.
-Use an isolated, protected, and encrypted environment that is supported and managed by the organization to access the organization’s data and services.

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Reference: National Institute of Standards and Technology, NSA